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Are you new to natural skincare and wondering ‘what skincare products do I need‘? Or an educated consumer looking to change up an existing skincare routine? Here are our tips on how to customise your natural skincare regime to deliver serious results. Where we were once told to cleanse, tone and moisturise, a truly effective skincare routine requires a level of curation beyond these three steps. The beauty of natural skincare is that you really can tailor your daily regime to target even the most specific of skin concerns.

What Skincare Products Do I Need?

To find the best skincare routine for you, it’s important to choose products that are tailored to your individual skin concerns.

Step 1. Choose the best cleanser for your skin type

At its core, the purpose of a cleanser is to do just that – cleanse! Beyond clearing the pores, however, using the wrong cleanser for your skin type could either strip the skin of its precious natural oils or add excess, potentially pore-clogging oil to the skin.

best toner for sensitive skin

To choose the best cleanser for your skin’s needs, pay close attention to your skin post-cleanse. Take a moment to examine the texture of the skin before applying any other products. Is there visible shine appearing on your freshly cleansed skin? If so, keep excess oil at bay with a natural cleanser specifically formulated with oily skin in mind. Similarly, if your skin feels tender or irritated, you’ll want to choose  the best skincare for sensitive skin. 

Here is the best cleanser for: 

Step 2. Select a treatment for your skin concerns 

It’s the middle section of your skincare regimen that does the “heavy lifting,” so to speak. Consider your principal skin concerns. Are you upgrading your routine with a goal of helping to brighten the complexion and evening tone? To restore youth to the skin? To clear blemishes by finding the best skincare routine for oily skin? Taking a skincare quiz can be a great help for identifying your skin type and any skin concerns. 

best Vitamin c serum

Once you’ve determined your primary skincare needs, select natural toners, serums, oils, and masks formulated specifically with your skin’s needs in mind. Serums and oils are highly concentrated and can be interchanged to target whatever your skin is craving on any specific day. With this in mind, it’s worth identifying a secondary skin concern, too. 

Want to brighten the appearance of the skin and keep it feeling hydrated? Packed with brightening ingredientsVitamin C skincare could be the solution to your skin concerns. Choose our Brightening Vitamin C collection and keep your favourites from the CannaCell range on hand for days when your skin needs an additional moisture and nutritional boost. This will allow you to tailor your routine to use the best skincare products for your specific needs on any given day. 

Here is the best serum for:

Step 3. Find the best night cream for your skin concerns

Just as a skincare routine isn’t ‘one size fits all,’ the skin’s needs differ from morning to evening. Overnight, our body works to recharge, restore and rejuvenate itself- the same principles apply to the skin. 

day cream and night cream

With this in mind, in addition to a day cream, it’s worth investing in the best night cream for your skin type to further target your skin concerns. Day creams often help to protect the skin against environmental damage and external stressors, while night creams and treatments are formulated to work consistently while you sleep to prepare the skin for a new day.  

Choose a moisturiser from a range that feels akin to your skin’s needs. If your skin is sensitive and easily irritated, for example, it’s important to find the best skincare for sensitive skin. 

Here is the best moisturiser for:

In short, the answer to the question ‘what skincare products do I need?’ is that it depends! The best skincare products for you will contain ingredients that target your own specific skin concerns. If you want to find the best moisturiser or cleanser for your needs, but need some help identifying the best products for your skin concerns, take a look at our Skincare Quiz. 

If you are trying a product or ingredient for the first time, we always recommend a patch test first.


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