Fruit Stem Cell Science® Explained

Fruit Stem Cell Science® Explained

Inspired By Nature, Realised By Science

When you hear the term stem cells, it probably conjures an image of lab coats, scientists and bubbling test tubes. But have you ever read about fruit stem cells and how we use them at Andalou Naturals to enhance the performance of our natural skincare?

Andalou Naturals’ patented Fruit Stem Cell® technology promotes and protects the vitality and longevity of cells for enhanced skin health. Our primary innovation, this revolutionary skincare science is the foundation of all our products. Our stem cell skin science uses a blend of nature’s most potent bioactive Fruit Stem Cells, extracted from the Heirloom Apple, Grape, Swiss Alpine Rose, Argan Tree, and Hemp Plant.

What Is A Stem Cell?

Plant stem cells are the undifferentiated cells found primarily in the growing tips of roots and shoots. Like animal stem cells, they have the ability to replicate, renew and replace, which is what makes them so effective in our natural skincare formulations. Plant and fruit stem cells are an essential source of vitality, as they are able to reproduce and maintain themselves, while also differentiating into the specific cells needed to form separate plant tissues and organs.

Fruit Stem Cells: Where Nature Meets Skincare Science

You may have noticed that our formulations all contain our signature innovation, PhytoCellTec® Fruit Stem Cell Science. Our Fruit Stem Cell Science® is a liposomal technology - which we promise isn’t as complicated as it sounds! Think of liposomes like microscopic safety bubbles. They protect our carefully selected fruit stem cells so that they can be transferred from the plant to the Andalou Naturals products that you know and love. Thanks to this innovation, which allows us to preserve their restorative properties, we’re able to blend some of nature’s most potent plant stem cells with unique ingredients like resveratrol and salicylic acid to provide efficacious, natural skincare solutions.

Malus Domestica (Heirloom Apple) - Solar Vitis Stem Cells - Alpine Rose Stem Cells - Argan Stem Cells - Hemp Stem Cells

Meet Our Famous Fruits!

Each of the fruits chosen for our formulations have been carefully selected for their skin-nourishing and regenerative properties. While we use a variety of potent fruit stem cells, you’ll find heirloom apple and grape stem cells in all of our formulations across the Andalou Naturals range. Working to provide energised antioxidant defence, together they help to:

Renew dormant cells by supporting cell turnover

Repair damaged cells by supporting cell longevity and vitality

Regenerate healthy cells by supporting stimulation for healthy cell production

Heirloom Apple

PhytoCellTec® Malus Domestica is derived from the ‘Uttwiler Spatlauber’, a rare Swiss apple. Famous for its longevity, which allows it to be stored without shriveling, the heirloom apple helps to rejuvenate the skin and to help protect skin stem cells against premature ageing.

Found in: Brightening, Age Defying, Sensitive 1000 Roses and Clear Skin ranges.


PhytoCellTec® Solar Vitis is derived from a rare grape cultivar, originating from France. Its particularly high tannin levels and strong tolerance to UV exposure help this potent fruit stem cell to protect the skin from environmental stresses and urban pollution. It is well-loved by the natural skincare industry for its high concentration of antioxidants, which help to fight signs of ageing.

Found in: Brightening, Age Defying, Sensitive 1000 Roses and Clear Skin ranges.

Alpine Rose

PhytoCellTec® Alpine Rose is derived from the stem cells of the alpine rose leaf. The alpine rose thrives in high altitudes and has adapted over time to protect against extreme cold, dryness, and high UV exposure. It also boasts calming and soothing properties and helps to restore the skin’s moisture barrier.

Found in: Sensitive 1000 Roses range.


PhytoCellTec® Argan Stem Cells are derived from the highly versatile Argan tree, indigenous to the arid environment of the Southwest of Morocco. These potent cells demonstrate a protecting effect on dermal stem cells and can assist with the skin's restoration process, helping to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Found in: Clear Skin range.


Hemp Stem Cells are naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, extracted from the mature stalk of the hemp plant. Our hemp skincare products work to help counteract free radicals, oxidative damage and pollution.

Found in: CannaCell range.

How Does Our Fruit Stem Cell Science® Work?

Our plant stem cell skincare is the result of a three-step process. With formulations that contain 98% nature-derived ingredients, our science-backed skincare is designed to bring you results, naturally.

Step 1: Extraction

The fruit stem cells, used in all our Andalou products, are extracted from carefully selected fruit and plant sources and placed into a regenerative state, where they are able to replicate.

Step 2: Protection

The extracted stem cells are then placed within a safety bubble (a.k.a a liposome) to keep them protected, preserving their skin-nourishing properties. From this state, the fruit stem cells are ready to be used in anything from a brightening stem cell serum to an argan stem cell shampoo.

Step 3: Formulation

Once placed within their protective liposomes, our fruit stem cells can be blended into our natural skincare formulations. With their potency preserved by the all-important liposomal technology, from here they are ready to be applied to the skin for a complexion that appears repaired, replenished and radiant!

We like to keep things natural here at Andalou, which is why we’re so proud of our Fruit Stem Cell Science®. Choosing ethical, cruelty-free and natural skincare doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the efficacy of your products. Leading the way when it comes to natural skincarescience, we’re constantly striving to develop the latest skincare technologies, but it all starts with our signature Fruit Stem Cell Science®!

To find out more about our wonderful natural ingredients, take a look at our Ingredient Glossary.